About us


In collaboration with industry practitioners, we created Door to solve a common problem in the investment management industry – the exchange of due diligence information. Combining the benefits of digital and standardization, we have replaced the archaic due diligence questionnaire process.

We believe:

  • Manager research teams want to spend less time gathering and organizing information and more time in value add engagement
  • Asset managers want to provide faster and more transparent services to their clients
  • Legacy processes to identify changes to information are archaic, repetitive and inefficient
  • Manager research teams should not pay for information required to perform due diligence
  • Industry collaboration is the best way to solve common industry challenges
  • Technology is useful but human judgement and analysis are critical



The Standard Questionnaire was created by those that conduct due diligence. Our exhaustive study demonstrated 95% of questions asked in due diligence questionnaires are common. Our best practice, collaborative approach led to a robust series of questions.

  • 500

    the number of hours invested in the collection, analysis and debate required for the creation of The Standard Questionnaire

  • 10,000

    individual questions considered for inclusion on The Standard Questionnaire.

  • 150

    the number of questionnaires reviewed in the process of creating the Standard.

  • 50

    Major Industry stakeholders from Asset Managers and Manager Research Teams around the world contribute to the continuous development of The Standard Questionnaire.

Our ongoing collaborative approach ensures we stay independent, represent our clients’ interests and best practice in due diligence.

Door has offices in Baltimore and LondonPlease get in touch for a demonstration.