What we do

Standardized. Customized. Democratized.

We've simplified the process for asset managers to share information and for asset owners to access it.

The legacy approach to exchanging asset management information is broken. In an environment requiring scalable, on-demand and customized solutions, bilaterally sharing due diligence information – even digitally – is slow, resource-intensive and repetitive.

Door has the solution.

The Platform
What makes Door different?

Door provides a democratic, global digital platform where all information for DDQs, RFPs and other fund and manager research can be provided, accessed and managed – and updated universally and simultaneously any time.

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Through one platform, asset managers and manager research teams can exchange, manage and update all their information on products and firms in all markets for all clients – including detailed sustainability disclosures.



Using Door, all stakeholders benefit from the ability to scale industry best practice standards and seamless customization – increasing efficiency and reducing risk for everyone.



We’ve built asset management’s most comprehensive Standard Question Set, creating a ‘one-to-many’ solution for asset managers and faster, real-time updates for manager research teams.

And fully<br>customized

And fully

Manager research teams have full flexibility to add proprietary questions, and customize information requests to meet their procedures and needs, without making extra demands on their time or resources.

Supporting You


Information can be permissioned and shared universally – dramatically saving time and effort.


Customization comes as standard so every research team can focus on the information that matters most to them.


Updates can be implemented for all clients simultaneously – with an auditable record.


By providing access to firms of all sizes, Door is opening up information to everyone in all markets.

Why Door

Door has transformed the value of information exchange for everyone.

Today, we’re the chosen platform of major asset managers, specialist investment boutiques, wealth managers, intermediaries and financial institutions in around 40 countries.

Exchange smarter. Engage better.

Exchange smarter. Engage better.

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