Driving the disclosure and analysis that can help to shape a better industry – and a brighter world.

By enabling full and clear disclosure and analysis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) considerations, Door is committed to helping firms provide rigorous stewardship of customers’ assets. And we’re driving the asset & wealth management industry to aim for the highest standards it can.

Insight for a better world.

The Consumer Duty, ESG & DEI Standard Question Sets on Door provide a rigorous framework to evaluate and compare asset managers on their culture, operations, process and products.

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Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty

Door has leveraged the existing platform to build a solution that can support the processes asset manager and wealth management firms are putting in place to meet Consumer Duty requirements.

Environmental, Social  & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance

The ESG Question Set is designed for complete, comparable disclosure on how ESG factors are integrated at an entity and product level, fully aligned with regulatory requirements or expectations in each relevant market.

Diversity, Equity &<br>Inclusion

Diversity, Equity &

The DEI Standard Question Set, created in partnership with inclusivity advocacy group City Hive, enables full, qualitative scrutiny of an asset manager’s culture and governance in relation to DEI policies and measures –and how these are being developed or improved over time.

Change for the better

Door provides the global platform for asset managers to detail their ESG and DEI activity. And for manager research team to identify which firms and strategies best align with their or their clients’ goals and values. 

We believe that aligning these interests is key: when enough people are asking (and answering) the right questions on these issues, our industry will change for the better.

Our commitment
Sustainability starts here

Door supports the investment industry’s drive for sustainable finance by using technology to make information exchange democratic, transparent and efficient.

Equal <br>access


By making our platform available at zero cost for ESG focus areas, we enable every asset manager (no matter their size) to communicate their stewardship credentials.

Rigorous <br>insight


With free access to Door’s robust analysis framework, manager research teams can make informed decisions as to which firms and products are aligned with their or clients’ sustainability goals.

Saving your<br>resources…

Saving your

By digitizing, Door reduces the need to print documents and cuts the processing power required to disclose and research fund information effectively.

…and managing<br>ours

…and managing

Our scalable architecture lets us draw on resources only when we need them. Creating computing containers allows us to perform functions on demand instead of having resources left idle.

Exchange smarter. Engage better.

Exchange smarter. Engage better.

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