How Door works

Door solves common problems in fund due diligence for manager research teams and their asset manager providers.

  • Standardized commonly asked due diligence questions based on best practices.

  • Digital platform with robust functionality and features furthers efficiencies, improves workflows and enhances the quality of engagement.

  • Asset managers provide and maintain due diligence information on their investment products. Manager research analysts can access up-to-date, robust information – and are alerted to changes to information.

  • Developed by practitioners, Door ensures adherence to the best practices. The Questionnaire adapts to the changing needs of its users.


  • Control your information: only release information to identified clients
  • Streamline workflows: Create information once and provide to many
  • Automate data entry: Door’s API connects to your own data platforms and RFP libraries. Contact the Door Team to find out more


  • Cut down repetition: only focus on changes to information
  • Accelerate monitoring: see change as it happens and see all historic changes
  • Meet specific due diligence needs: supplement The Standard Questionnaire with proprietary questions